The Sims 3: Into The Future

The Sims 3: Into The Future Shape the future

Send your Sims into the future

If you are a fan of The Sims 3 and wonderfully tacky, 60’s sci-fi fashion, then (for you) The Sims 3: Into The Future could be the greatest expansion ever conceived. View full description


  • Adds a fun new dimension to the Sims 3
  • Time travel possible
  • New gadgets and technology


  • Novelty does wear off
  • New items add little


If you are a fan of The Sims 3 and wonderfully tacky, 60’s sci-fi fashion, then (for you) The Sims 3: Into The Future could be the greatest expansion ever conceived.

Bringing it all back

The 11th (and final) full expansion for The Sims 3 opens a portal in your Sim's world that allows them to travel through time and space into a far-flung future. This is achieved by means of a rather ugly time machine that appears on your lawn once you have the expansion installed – convenient, but not aesthetically pleasing.

Hopping through this portal delivers your Sim to a new time and place, ready to explore and shop. As with all of The Sims 3 expansions, Into The Future provides plenty of new furniture, clothing, and customization options for your Sim.

Many changes are purely cosmetic, such as the new hover cars whose only innovation is the removal of wheels, and a sweet 60s bubble car look. While these visual changes maybe be appreciated by long time Sims 3 players, even more welcome are the items that have been given new abilities. Most handy among these are the new beds that can be programmed to influence your Sim’s dreams, letting them level up life skills while they sleep (handy). Once you have acquired these items in the future you can bring them back to the present to decorate your lovingly created home.

Shape the future

The most interesting addition to The Sims 3 formula is the ability to influence the future and to see how your Sim’s progeny will turned out.

When you first arrive in the future it is neutral, however traveling back through the portal allows you to affect how world events are to play out. So, check those lottery numbers and nip back through time to earn some cash. Having all that money will cause events to play out differently of course, and you may find that your actions have turned the future into a grimy dystopia or a pristine-white utopia.

Your Sim’s achievements in the past will also be remembered by their future descendents. While there are no game-ending paradoxes created by visiting your future family, you may not like their opinion of you - a sobering thought, so try and be good in the present if you want to be forever loved. If your future family don’t love you, don’t worry too much, as Into The Future also features Plumbots, customizable characters who act like Sims. Being robots, you have the power to alter their appearance and personality to suit your needs, but once complete they act as any other Sim – right down to their ability to reproduce. Personally I am waiting for The Sims 3: Into The Future’s Future, in which your Sim is subjugated by their Plumbot overlords – but I may now have to wait for a Sims 4 expansion for that.

Sim-ple fun

The Sims 3: Into The Future is another versatile expansion for the franchise that manages a good balance of expanding the shopping catalog for people only interested in home improvement, while also offering a whole new area to explore for people looking for a little more excitement.

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The Sims 3: Into The Future


The Sims 3: Into The Future Shape the future

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